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  • 高通量基因合成
    • 经验丰富的专家设计团队
    • 先进的高通量高保真基因合成技术
    • 天衣无缝的无痕克隆方案
    • 完善的项目管理

    -COA文件 -质粒结构图
    -约5μg冻干质粒DNA -测序图谱

    Peer-reviewed Citations:
    Combined SNPs and miRNAs technologies for beef traceability
    Q Wu, G Zhou, S Yang, X Xu, C Li - Journal of Food Safety ... Premix Ex Taq Kits (Takara Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Dalian, China). Forward primers used for RT-PCR were synthesized by General Biosystems (General Biosystems Co. Ktd., Anhui, China). The forward primer sequences of the...

    Assessment of the fusion tags on increasing soluble production of the active TEV protease variant and other target proteins in E. coli
    Xuelian Yu, Jiaqi Sun, Weiyu Wang, Li Jiang, Beijiu Cheng, Jun Fan-Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology ...Primary and secondary antibodies as well as reagents for Western blotting were provided by Sangon Biotech (Shanghai, China). Primer synthesis and DNA sequencing were conducted by General Biosystems (Chuzhou, China)...

    Engineering thermostable (R)-selective amine transaminase from Aspergillus terreus through in silico design employing B-factor and folding free energy calculations
    J Huang, DF Xie, Y Feng - Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications ...The AT-ATA cDNA sequence containing the NcoI and XhoI restriction sites was synthesized at General Biosystems (AnHui) Co., Ltd (Chuzhou, China), and the pET28a(+) expression vector(pET28a(+)-AT-ATA) was constructed as a template for site-directed mutagenesis...

    A Vector Based on the Chicken Hypersensitive Site 4 Insulator Element Replicates Episomally in Mammalian Cells
    Zhang,Xi;Zhang,Xi;Wang,Xiao-Yin;Wang,Xiao-Yin;Jia,Yan-Long;Jia,Yan-Long;Guo,Xiao;Guo, Xiao;Wang,Yan-Fang;Wang,Yan-Fang;Wang,Tian-Yun;Wang,Tian-Yun-Current Gene Therapy ...trans- gene expression. MATERIALS AND METHODS Vector Construction The cHS4 DNA sequence used in this study was artificially synthesized by General Biosystems, Inc. (Chuzhou, China) [23]. The synthesized sequences...

    TTF1, in the Form of Nanoparticles, Inhibits Angiogenesis, Cell Migration and Cell Invasion In Vitro and In Vivo in Human Hepatoma through STAT3 Regulation
    Bin Xiao, Dongjing Lin, Xuan Zhang, Meilan Zhang and Xuewu Zhang-Molecules …pcDNA3.1 plasmid of STAT3 was synthesized by General Biosystems (An Hui, General Biosystems, Inc., Chuzhou, China)...

    Matrix attachment region combinations increase transgene expression in transfected Chinese hamster ovary cells
    Chun-Peng Zhao, Xiao Guo, Si-Jia Chen, Chang-Zheng Li, Yun Yang, Jun-He Zhang, Shao-Nan Chen, Yan-Long Jia & Tian-Yun Wang-Sci Rep. …a 2073-bp fragment (position 94–2166) was synthesized by General Biosystems (Chuzhou, China)…

    Genome-wide analysis of Dof family genes and their expression during bud dormancy in peach (Prunus persica)
    M Chen, X Liu, L Huan, M Sun, L Liu, X Chen, D Gao, L Li-Scientia Horticulturae …All of the primerswere designed using the Beacon Designer 7 software and synthesized by GeneralBiosystems (Anhui, China)…

    Improving thermostability of (R)-selective amine transaminase from Aspergillus terreus through introduction of disulfide bonds
    DF Xie, H Fang, JQ Mei, JY Gong, HP Wang, XY Shen, J Huang, LH Mei-Biotechnology and Applied Science … Materials The AT-ATA cDNA from A. terreus sequence, including the NcoI and XhoI restriction sites, was synthesised at General Biosystems (AnHui) Co., Ltd (Chuzhou, China), and plasmid pET28a(+) was used for gene cloning and DNA sequencing...

    Tobacco etch virus protease mediating cleavage of the cellulose-binding module tagged colored proteins immobilized on the regenerated amorphous cellulose
    Xuelian YuJiaqi SunWeiyu WangLi JiangRuyue WangWenjun XiaoBeijiu ChengJun Fan-Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering ... Materials and methods. Materials. Reagents used in plasmid construction and protein expression were bought from Takara (Dalian, China). Gene and primer syntheses, DNA sequencing are conducted by General Biosystems (Chuzhou, China)...
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